Individuation: Becoming Yourself

A Humanistic and Analytic Psychotherapist in Boston

My therapeutic approach is primarily psychodynamic, a way of working on the unconscious mind and underlying issues to bring lasting benefits, because true healing deals with root causes and aims for transformation. I also integrate narrative, cognitive and behavioral approaches into my practice as needed.

My specialties include self-esteem issues, depression, and anxiety. I'm competent in working with people from different culture background, LGBTQ+ people, and people with religious or spiritual beliefs. I provide long-term and short-term psychotherapy to individual adults and couples.

What is therapy?

Good therapy, like good cooking, takes time. It slows us down to think about what's going on in our lives. Why am I depressed, anxious, angry or feeling worthless? How do I forgive or love someone? What does being myself mean? And where are my joy and peace?

Those questions matter. Many people just want to have a "quick-fix". Of course, some problems can be quickly "fixed", but some can't. And that's ok because we all have something that requires us to be patient, which is the nature of life. Sometimes we need to stop rushing and slow down.

Therapy is a sacred place where you'll embrace your trues self and face your shadow. In therapy, we'll work together to help you reflect on your feelings, thoughts, and memories; understand your strengths, vulnerabilities, and desires; and discern your gifts, values, and visions.

Therapy is not that mysterious. It's just an honest conversation with empathy and acceptance to help you face what you have tried to avoid, gain insights about yourself, accept imperfections, and cultivate self-compassion.

The goal of therapy is not only about change but also about transformation. Therapy does not just solve problems, but help you be able to solve them. "Give you a fish is to feed you for a day; teach you to fish is to feed you for a lifetime". Therapy teaches you to fish.

Education & Training

Graduate School

Boston College

  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Post-Graduate Fellowship

The Albert & Jessie Danielsen Institute (Boston University)

  • Advanced Social Work Fellow (2019 Fall - 2021 Summer)

Clinical Internship

  • Boston College The Office of the Dean of Students
  • St. Anthony Shrine Counseling Service

Professional Affiliation

Downtown Boston

I'm a psychotherapist working at St. Anthony Shrine Counseling Service in Downton Boston. If you’d like to make an appointment please call St. Anthony Shrine today at 617-542-6440.

I offer appointments on Tuesdays, the earliest session is at 10 am, the latest session is at 5 pm. Each session is 45 - 50 minutes.