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You can find information about my approach, style, how I can help, and my specialties on this page. Information about fees, payment, insurance, scheduling, and practice policies can be found below. 

Logistics & Policies 


Monday - Friday, 8 AM  - 2 PM (ET)


Telehealth (Zoom). I am licensed in both Massachusetts and Oregon and currently reside in Massachusetts. I also provide professional consultation services to people everywhere via Zoom meetings.


$200 per session


BlueCross and BlueShield

Any PPO insurance plans


Summarized Policies on Appointment, Cancellation, Payment, and Insurance:


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Via Contact Form


Zoom Video Meetings

Office Hours: 

Monday - Friday

8 AM - 2 PM 

(ET, Boston Time)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer a Free Initial Consultation?

Yes, but I don't offer a brief phone consultation because it is not sufficient to truly understand your needs and determine if we are a good fit. My approach is to dedicate the first session to assessing our compatibility. If we determine that we are not the right fit and choose not to schedule a second session, the first session will be at no cost, serving as a free initial consultation. Otherwise, the first session will be billed.

What Are the General Expectations You Have for Your Clients?

I expect clients to be willing to participate in weekly sessions and engage in open dialogues. Therapy is for everyone. People come here for various reasons, just to mention a few: some need a space to get things off their chest, others wish to dive deep into emotional or relational issues, some are looking to process and work through trauma, others hope to address mental health issues, and some are simply exploring what therapy can offer. Whatever brought you here, all are welcome! 

Do You Offer Short-Term Therapy or Brief Counseling Services?

Yes. While I specialize in long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy, I understand that some clients may benefit from or prefer shorter therapy. Whether you're going through a specific life event or just need a few sessions to navigate a particular challenge, I'm here to support you.

Do You Provide Telehealth Exclusively?

Yes. I exclusively offer telehealth services via Zoom to ensure accessibility, flexibility, and consistency. I have no plans to return to in-person sessions, as telehealth also enables me to provide drop-in, additional, or urgent sessions, saving clients the time they would spend commuting.

Do You Accept HSA/FSA or Credit Cards?

No. I don't accept HSA/FSA or Credit Cards. I accept payments exclusively through Zelle. I'm happy to provide the necessary paperwork for HSA/FSA reimbursement.

Do You Accept Health Insurance?

Yes. I only accept BCBS insurance as an In-Network provider. I can also accept any PPO insurance plans as an Out-Of-Network provider, and I am happy to provide the necessary paperwork for your reimbursement. 

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