The purpose is simply to protect the trusting therapeutic relationship. 

I am committed to working wholeheartedly with each of my clients and fostering long-term therapeutic relationships that feel genuine and trustworthy. My commitment to you is to be reliably available for our scheduled sessions and to dedicate myself to our psychotherapeutic work. 

Informed Consent and Agreement

Informed Consent and Agreement

A. Informed Consent for Psychotherapy and Telehealth Services: 

B. Informed Consent for Electronic Communications: 

C. Confidentiality and HIPAA Privacy Notice: 

D. Appointment and Payment Agreement: 


Appointment, Cancellation


One-Hour Appointment

Weekly Session

Same-Day Cancellation/No-Show Fee is $100

Location, Telehealth


Zoom Video Meeting

Zoom Meeting Interruptions

Fee, Payment


Monthly Payment via Zelle

Payment Method

Payment Agreement


Private Pay, BCBS Insurance, Out-of-Network

BCBS (In-Network): For Massachusetts Residents Only

Out-of-Network Reimbursement: For Massachusetts Residents Only

Privacy Notice