Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

A Depth-Oriented, Evidence-Based Humanistic Approach 

for Genuine Transformation and Lasting Growth

Highlights from Scientific Studies 

on the Power of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

"According to comparative analyses of controlled trials, the LTPP (Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy) showed significantly higher outcomes in overall effectiveness, target problems, and personality functioning than shorter forms of psychotherapy."

Leichsenring, F., & Rabung, S. (2008). Effectiveness of long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy: a meta-analysis. Journal of the American Medical Association, 300(13), 1551–1565. 

"In addition, patients who receive psychodynamic therapy maintain therapeutic gains and appear to continue to improve after treatment ends."

Shedler J. (2010). The efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy. The American Psychologist, 65(2), 98–109.

Do You Know?

Therapy is Not Something 'Done to You'

Therapy is never about being 'done to' you, but about you and your therapist working together in open dialogues.

Transformative Therapy is Non-Linear

Genuine and transformative therapy is often characterized as being deep, non-linear, spontaneous, authentic, and natural. 

Psychodynamic Therapy for Root Causes 

Psychodynamic psychotherapy notably delves deeply to confront the root causes of one's struggles. Analogously, a fever stemming from an internal organ injury cannot be genuinely "healed" with mere fever-reducing strategies. True healing in therapy requires addressing the core issue, allowing the internal wounds enough time to naturally heal. 

Highlights from Media Reports 

on the Power of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

"In an era of “quick fixes” and instant gratification on the Internet, psychodynamic psychotherapy fills a need for connection, understanding, empathy, and authenticity."

Gabbard, G. O. (2017). Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Today. American Psychiatric Association Publishing.

"The actual scientific evidence shows that psychodynamic therapy is highly effective. The benefits are at least as large as those of other psychotherapies, and they last."

American Psychological Association. (2010, January 25). Psychodynamic psychotherapy brings lasting benefits through self-knowledge [Press release].